Two ways to plan a route

You can plan the route either free drawing or with the use of addresses.

Option 1: Draw freely

Piirtotila osoitteella
  • Add or delete route waypoints with a right click of the mouse. If you're using a tablet add a waypoint by a long press.
  • You may freely move the added waypoints on the map and also add intermediate points.
1 Add a desired starting point
  • On a computer use a right click with a mouse
  • Long press on a tablet
2. Form a route by adding (way)points
  • Waypoints are good to add on turns for example. (Route calculations might take a shortcut if there are not enough waypoints)
3. Add intermediate points
  • Intermediate points aid while designing a more complicated route.
4. Adjust the route at will
  • You can move all the waypoint

Option 2: Make use of addresses

Vaihda piirtotila valinnasta

Piirto osoitteella

You can make a longer route easily by inputting

  • Address of the starting point
  • The addess of the destination point
  • Waypoints
  • Kaikkia pisteitä voi edelleen liikuttaa
1 . Add the desired starting point and the destination point
2. Form a route by adding waypoints
3. You can add waypoints to the route
  • Waypoints aid while making a more complicated route
  • You can adjust the route by moving the waypoints.

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