How the mobile app works

Sovellus näyttää sijaintisi ja suunnan, sekä suunnittelemasi reitit.
Voit helposti navigoida kohteeseen seuraamalla reittiä. Pikareitti toiminnolla voit tehdä nopeasti reitin haluamaasi kohteeseen.

Download app

You can try the app for free, and features like your location/direction and road surface information are visible without a subscription.

Lataa Bikenavi-sovellus
Lataa Bikenavi-sovellus
Bikenavi mobile application

Mobile Application

App features

  • Your location and bearing

  • Versatile map layers

  • Clear pavement information as a map layer.

  • Own routes. You can navigate using the routes you have planned yourself.

  • Fastroute. You can quickly create a route from your current location to your desired destination.
  • Suunnitellun reitin vienti (tallennus) GPX-tiedostona

Future features

The app is being developed gradually forward.

  • Reitin jakaminen

  • GPX-tiedoston tuonti

  • Search function and route to it.

  • Making / editing the route

  • Car support

Short video mobile application features

Route Planer

You can plan the route easily on a computer