Road surface information

Näet kartassa, mikä tien päällyste on. Tiedot löytyvät Suomesta ja Ruotsista.

Päällystetiedot Suomessa

  • Paved road (red and blue)
  • Gravel road (orange)
  • Private road (black)
Päällystetiedot Ruotsissa
Päällysteet ruotsi
  • Paved road (red)
  • Gravel road (blue)

Haku kartan alueelta

Voit hakea näkyvissä olevalta kartan alueelta suunnittelun avuksi huoltoaseman tai yksittäisen osoitteen.
Voit hakea esimerkiksi yrityksien nimillä (ABC-asemat, Scandic jne.) Jos haku ei tuota tuloksia, muuta kartan rajausta tai hakua.

  • Huoltoasemat: ABC-asemat, Teboil, Shell jne.
  • Hotellit: Scandic, Radisson Blue, Sokos Hotel jne.
  • Ruokakaupat: K-market, Prisma, Sale jne.

Metsähallituksen paikkatiedot

Metsähallitukselta saatavia paikkatietoja.

Camping services

  • Unlocked cabins anyone can stay the night in
  • Cabins for reservation
  • Unlocked cabins not meant for sleeping
  • Cabins for rent
  • Larger cabins for rent
  • Shelters
  • Spots for tents
  • Sauna
  • Wickets

Camping structures

  • Campfire spots
  • Beaches
  • Bathing area
  • Outhouses
  • Beaches

* Information from Metsähallitus is dated to 5/2023 and the places added after that are not shown on map.

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Google Street View

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Road categories and road numbers in Finland

With road category and road number you can infer the roads size and the amount of traffic.

Trunk road (Highway Class 1), Road numbers 1-39


Trunk roads are the main roads of Finnish road network.

Main road (Class 2), Road numbers 40-99


Main roads are Finnish road networks highways which supplement the trunk road network and serve the regional traffic. Together with trunk roads these form the Finnish main road network.

Regional road 100–999, Road numbers 100-999


Regional roads are Finnish road networks highways which serve subregional traffic and connect them to trunk and main roads.

Connecting road, Road numbers 1000-9999


Connecting roads include the highways which don't belong in the previously mentioned categories. The most significant connecting roads may on occasion be.

Private roads

Private roads

Private roads in Finland are maintained by private proprietors and other members of a road maintenance association. Occasional use of private roads is generally permitted for motor vehicles if there is no prohibition signs. If the government or municipality has supported the improvement of a private road the outside traffic must not be banned in 10 years. Private roads are shown on the map with a black line.

* Yksityisteiden luokitus

Class (5), important private road Usage of an important private road is generally permitted and it is in use around the year.

Class (6), other private road Other private roads are all others, except private- and forrest roads that are not included in important private roads and drivable by car.

Class (7), trails Trails are other private and forrest roads that are not necessarily drivable by car but are usable for ie. walking ja cycling or drivable by off-road vehicles.